Electronic Medical Records

What is an electronic medical record (EMR)? An electronic medical record is a digital version of a patient’s paper chart that can be shared by doctors, hospitals and patients. The EMR computer system brings all patient information together in one secure database. A secure, single electronic medical record improves patient safety and the quality of care.

If you receive care at Summit Healthcare Regional Medical Center or an affiliated physician practice, your EMR will always be available to your healthcare treatment team. This feature will improve patient care across our community. This will help eliminate patients undergoing redundant testing or exams and physicians don’t lose time waiting to receive test results and diagnoses from a lab or other provider. Over the past year Summit Healthcare Medical Associates have been implementing EMR’s in physician offices, including Summit Healthcare Snowflake Medical Center, and Heber-Overgaard Community Clinic. It is no secret that implementing an EMR system can be challenging, not only for the physicians and staff but also for you as a patient. The EMR’s are intended to streamline interactions between all healthcare providers to be more efficient to provide comprehensive and higher quality of care for all patients.